The Evolution Of Heart Broken

It starts with one crack…earth stops spinning and a black hole cuts through your heart, in seconds, like chocking on your own breath, suffocating from oxygen, in a matter of seconds; what you thought you had…you have nothing

When a glass breaks, pieces get lost, that glass; it doesn’t break into shapes that can easily be fit back together, you can still fill in the small spaces but only with glue,this glass will never be the same your heart when it breaks

After the first break you’re stuck in denial, confusion, rage and other feelings you can’t find words for, it’s all over you think.. scientists say “Getting your heart broken is as painful as physical pain, therefore the average human needs 7 months for their heart to fully heal back again”, I must admit that after I read this I’ve come to realize that most humans aren’t what they call “average”, people still struggle after years of this unfortunate event, but what you don’t know is ,mysteriously,there is something good about being shredded to pieces by other human creatures, what you didn’t know is the power that comes with it; you gain power, you gain a shield against heart-ache, believe me, nothing will hurt you that bad again

You see,this power that comes within the process of breaking, gives you eligibility against any other pain; here is my theory

You’ve felt the biggest pain/loss , so naturally any other pain you go through you’ll compare it to the worst you’ve ever had, you felt the big one, the others are just silly,see?, you’ve been through worse you can handle it, easily

It’s okay to break sometimes, because no matter how hard it comes next, you wont have the same ache, What hurts the most is losing all human emotion, as you may know (hopefully not) in the process of recovery you lose emotion,you’re careless to others feeling; because simply no one has it as bad as you do right now -you think-  but sometimes..some-people lose themselves in this process, and they become the selfish scumbag that had them broken